1st time Consultation ~ $50
1 session ~ $90
6 pack ~ $510 ($85 each)
12 pack ~ $960 ($80 each)

Please contact us to discuss a customized package that best suits you!

No Need for Needlephobia

Afraid of needles? No worries. Acupuncture is a virtually painless way to harness your body’s innate healing abilities. Utilized for over 3,000 years, this ancient Oriental approach to wholeness and wellness continues to provide relief to thousands of Acupuncture enthusiasts who continue to seek the numerous benefits of this modality in the modern world. Acupuncture can relieve numerous conditions, enhance recuperation from a wide variety of ailments, control pain, boost immunity, restore physical health, assist with infertility, and much, much more. As an effective adjunct to Western medicine, practitioners can choose from an eclectic assortment of strategies in order to specifically tailor treatments to the unique needs and constitutions of each client.

There are many approaches to Acupuncture and, the good news is, all approaches can work equally well in restoring and maintaining optimum health.  So, how does it work? The basic tenet of Acupuncture rests on the viewpoint that, “Where there is no free flow, there is pain.”  To achieve and maintain a state of balance, “Qi” (the body’s energy) must flow freely.  Treatments are designed to restore the free flow of Qi along specific pathways called meridians.  Indeed, there is growing evidence that, if appropriately used, Acupuncture can successfully prod the body’s innate healing capabilities and complement conventional medicine on your journey to perfect health. We invite you to “Free the Qi” now.

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Boost your immune system
  • Relieve your Allergies
  • Reduce chronic aches and pains
  • Avoid medication side effects
  • and many more treatments/benefits!