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Harmony Within Massage Therapy has the licensed, high quality therapists you have been searching for when you are in need of massage therapy in Bergen County NJ. Whether you’re interested in massage to enhance healing or sports performance, or you have been attempting to locate a massage therapist who can perform prenatal massage, Harmony Within has the services you require. In an environment that is calming and clean, Harmony Within provides clients with massage and acupuncture services that come highly rated. You’ll receive your full amount of time purchased, guaranteed, whether you book a massage therapist for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. When you’re interested in therapeutic massage in River Vale NJ, there is no reason not to try Harmony Within, especially taking into consideration how convenient our on-line booking system is.

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To increase your level of relaxation and healing in the event that you participate in sports and have had to endure chronic soreness, advanced sports massage in Bergen County NJ is a great benefit. In the soothing, holistic atmosphere of Harmony Within, you’re going to have the ability to work with your massage therapist to customize a massage strategy which works for you and your body. With each massage, your individual requirements will be highly focused on by our highly-qualified massage therapists. What you and your massage therapist feel is going to be most beneficial to you as an individual is going to be the foundation of every decision made, down to the amount of pressure you would like during your massage. At Harmony Within we supply a calming atmosphere which is going to contribute to relaxation and healing, as well as a staff of qualified, licensed massage therapists. This includes dim lighting, lit candles, neck and eye pillows, hot stones, as well as a heated table blanket. Helping you relax and enjoy the experience, these features will additionally help loosen muscles that are tense. This makes us a top option for advanced sports massage, prenatal massage or any other type of massage therapy in Bergen County NJ.

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As a top choice for therapeutic massage in River Vale NJ, among the most frequently requested services we supply is trigger point therapy. A trigger point is a tight area in your muscle tissue that can cause pain throughout the rest of your body. Trigger point therapy is a special kind of massage which works by alleviating the source of pain created by that trigger point. Through cycles of isolated pressure and release, your massage therapist is going to release the tension in the muscle tissue. During this type of massage, you will be asked to participate actively by practicing deep breathing, as well as communicating with the massage therapist about the precise location of your discomfort. Pain that was caused by those trigger points is able to be alleviated when the constricted areas of the muscles experience the release which trigger point massage is capable of providing. Many clients experience amazing pain relief following just a single treatment, but trigger point therapy regularly is capable of being even more beneficial in handling pain and stress. For trigger point therapy or any other type of therapeutic massage in Bergen County NJ, give us call to find out more.

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We provide many services when it comes to massage therapy in Bergen County NJ, among which is corporate chair massage. Don’t ever underestimate the power of therapeutic massage when it comes to increasing work productivity or making your employees more happy to come to work. An increasing number of individuals find themselves sitting at their desk in this day and age, usually with poor posture. This can result in long-term pain if the problem is failed to be addressed. Coupled with stress, this can be a very bad combination for workers, resulting in shorter tempers and decreased work productivity. This is where we come in at Harmony Within Massage Therapy. We’re capable of offering chair massages for your employees at your place of business, which can either be paid for by the business or by the employee. Scientific studies have demonstrated that mental alertness can be increased and stress decreased by moderate pressure massage. The areas most often affected by stress are the back, arms, shoulders and neck, which are capable of being worked on by the therapist in a chair massage without requiring the removal of or a change of clothes. When you’re experiencing chronic headaches, this is a type of service which can help very effectively. It requires about as long as a coffee break, and results in employees who are happier, more relaxed, and more prepared for the work ahead. All you have to do is call Harmony Within Massage Therapy when you’re interested in corporate chair massage therapy in River Vale NJ or the rest of the local area.

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There’s a wide variety of reasons why you may want to take advantage of massage therapy in Bergen County NJ. If you’ve been thinking about getting a present for a loved one, Harmony Within Massage Therapy supplies great choices. A couple’s massage is an excellent idea for a romantic gift. With a massage side by side you can enjoy the experience together. Incorporating pure aromatic essential oils into your therapeutic massage session, aromatherapy is yet another service which you are able to take advantage of. We are additionally conveniently located so dinner at a fine restaurant and a massage is simple to make the perfect date. Have you been looking for a massage therapist in River Vale NJ for couple’s massage? Find out more by getting in touch with us right away.

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Harmony Within now additionally offers acupuncture in Bergen County NJ. Whether independently or in conjunction with therapeutic massage, acupuncture is a great treatment to try. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and is beneficial as it pertains to treatment of a large number of conditions. In only one session, we are able to help you experience greater sense of relaxation and pain relief at Harmony Within. When you’re seeking an experienced and licensed acupuncturist in River Vale NJ, contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Supplying a broad selection of kinds of service, there is nowhere else you need to turn when you are in need of massage therapy in Bergen County NJ. There are even gift certificates available. Conveniently located and devoted to ensuring a relaxing space is created for your maximum comfort, we are confident that after you try it, you’ll be returning for more! The next time you’re trying to find a massage therapist in River Vale NJ or the rest of the local area, give yourself the treatment you deserve and visit Harmony Within. Are you interested in finding out what’s going to work best for you? All the information you need is capable of being found here by contacting our specialists.