Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI for short) is one of the most effective methods of soft tissue, hands on work for restoring function, mobility, increasing vitality and relieving pain in the body. Injuries and lifelong habits can disrupt the natural alignment of your body and prevent you from being able to move freely. Pain and strain is your body’s way of telling you there is something amiss.

SI is based on the principals of Osteopathic Medicine, Hatha Yoga and Neo Reichian bodywork. SI takes into consideration the profound effects of gravity, physical, mental, and emotional traumas that have accumulated in one’s body over a lifetime. SI takes a “whole body” approach to address the issues the client brings to the table.

The intention of SI is to foster awareness in the connection of body, mind and spirit to invite and encourage ease of movement, vitality and equanimity. SI is performed in slow, deep strokes without oil or lotion.. Antonio, our Structural Integration Therapist is an expert within this field.

Antonio asks that if you are comfortable and able to please wear clothing when you first arrive that allows him to evaluate your body(ex- a sports bra and spandex shorts or jogging shorts). He will still work with you if this makes you uncomfortable or is not possible that day.

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