Warm Soy Wax Massage

Receive a full body massage with melted warm soy wax.
100% Soy Wax with no additives. Natural essential oil added for added scents.
Choose between Very Vanilla or Spa Day (lemongrass, lime, patchouli, black currant & sugar cane)

· Soy oil is easily and smoothly absorbed into the skin.
· Leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and rejuvenated.
· Soy is rich in Vitamin E.
· Reported benefits include help in the relief of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, cracked skin, cracked heels and rough cuticles.
· Soy wax is non-toxic

$110 per hour

5 pack: Save $25.00
10 pack: Save $100.00
(Price can change according to location)

Gift Certificates Available
7% Sales Tax Included

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