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When you’re searching for a massage therapist who performs massage therapy in Bergen County NJ, the importance of checking the provider’s credentials is important for your safety. Thankfully the skilled therapists at Harmony Within Massage Therapy are specially certified as it pertains to a wide variety of forms of massage. This includes structural integration, prenatal massage and advanced sports massage. These massage therapists have completed advanced training classes in order to receive these advanced massage therapy credentials which are both comprehensive and rigorous. Additionally, they have to demonstrate that they are able to apply these techniques for massage therapy in a manner which is safe and precise. This way treatment is capable of being certain to offer the intended benefits. Amy and Sandy are holistic massage therapists, and have ensured a soothing and peaceful atmosphere is established at Harmony Within Massage Therapy thanks to candles and aromatherapy. Are you trying to find a qualified massage therapist in Rockleigh NJ but wish to find out more about the choices that will be right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to talk to the experts at Harmony Within Massage Therapy.

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Structural integration is one of the specialized advanced services we provide for massage therapy in Bergen County NJ. Our massage therapists utilize this form of massage therapy to treat pain and limitations in movement caused by stiff, tight, or injured connective tissue. Myofascial release techniques and movement education is crucial to structural integration massage therapy. Optimal range of motion is capable of being restored and pain can be relieved by using these techniques to soften, relax, and lengthen your connective tissues. To determine which areas to target during sessions for structural integration, the massage therapist evaluates the alignment of your muscles and bones to identify the areas that are out of balance. To discover more about structural integration in Rockleigh NJ, call the experts at Harmony Within Massage Therapy today!

Therapeutic Massage Rockleigh NJ

Preventing injury to yourself and your unborn child is essential when you are expecting, which is why it is essential to find a massage therapist in Bergen County NJ who is skilled and credentialed as it pertains to prenatal massage. Unfortunately, pain and discomfort can be all too common during pregnancy. Thankfully, the skilled massage therapists at Harmony Within have completed extensive training when it comes to techniques for prenatal massage that can alleviate this discomfort and pain in a safe manner. Reduced stress, improved blood circulation, boosted immune system, and alleviation of headaches are benefits of pre-natal massage when performed correctly. Book a time on the Harmony Within Massage website or give us a call now in the event that you have been considering scheduling an appointment for prenatal massage in Rockleigh NJ.

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Are you looking for a massage therapist that’s skilled and certified when it comes to techniques for advanced sports massage in Bergen County NJ? Look no further than Harmony Within Massage Therapy. Our specialists tailor pre and post event massage therapy regimes that help boost your performance, increase flexibility and balance, and reduce your risk of injury. Swedish massage, pressure point therapy, and structural integration are a few instances of the range of techniques which are used by our therapists as it pertains to advanced sports massage in order to accomplish this goal. Are you trying to find an expert in massage therapy in Rockleigh NJ to assist you in performing your best during competition and reduce the time it takes for your muscles to recover considerably? Call Harmony Within Massage Therapy now to find out more about advanced sports massage.